Why winter can be a great time to sell

Why winter can be a great time to sell


Now that the 2019 election is over,  we have seen an influx of buyers returning to the market place.  Buyers who have spent the first half of 2019 waiting to see how low the market will fall in Sydney and Melbourne concerned that it will impact the market on Tamborine Mountain have started listening to positive information coming from the media and seem to have returned at full pace.  Add to this the reserve bank's decision recently to reduce rates by 0.25% and predictions of another reduction later this year seem to have buyers looking at the positive side of investing in property again. First home buyers are back and so are interstate investors looking to benefit from our higher than average return on investment and lower than average entry into the market.  

Some say you should wait to list your home in spring however winter can be a great time to sell.  Winter does usually presents fewer buyers, but the buyers who are in the market are often more decisive and are ready and committed to purchasing now.  Traditionally, there will be fewer homes on the market for them to choose from giving your home a greater chance of standing out from the crowd.

Spring is often considered the best time to sell.  Let's face it the weather is warmer and many buyers want to move before Christmas and start the school year fresh but considering that this is a time that will present greater competition thanks to increased numbers of properties on the market at the same time, buyers tend to take longer to make a decision and often hope for greater discounts on prices.  

Remember that above all, presentation is most important no matter the season and will result in a better sale price for your home. Generally, while improvements may make your home more saleable, perhaps even shortening the sale time, there are exceptions and a small investment in specific improvements could be well worth the outlay so talk to one of sales team before you go too crazy and let us make sure you reduce your risk over-capitalising.



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